2020 African Safari Bookings Open Now!

Great Migration + Big 5 Safaris to Tanzania & Botswana

Know Your Guide - Before You Go!

Hi folks! I'm Shane, and I'm the Safari Guide for RAW Worldwide, a Nature Photographer and Trainer for Shane Ross Photography, and Founder/Director of both.


If you've ended up on this page but are more interested in viewing or purchasing my nature images, head to my new Shopify website at Shane Ross Photography, or scroll down on this page to buy my 2020 Calendar, or Caffiend prints currently on exhibition. If you're here to find out more about the African Safaris that I offer, you're in the right place.


I've been travelling Africa for over 5 years now, almost full time, and after zig-zagging every national park and wildlife reserve between Cape Town and Kenya (over 200 so far) I founded my own specialist guiding venture in Africa in June 2017.


After an incredible three years of guiding clients across Africa from 2017 to 2019, I've fine-tuned my 2020 tours to not only bring you the usual African guiding experience but also a tonne of extras, including teaching you how to track fresh spoor, read animal behaviour, discuss animal symbolism and connection to humans, and a suite of specific training, from photography to the mastery of campfire cooking. Bringing together the best of the best wildlife experiences Africa has to offer with the rustic beauty of mobile safari glamping, I'll be leading Safaris through Botswana, Tanzania and a multi-country 21-day combo between May and October this year. Check out my tour dates below, and full packages here.

2020 Tour Dates Released!

May 2020

12-Day "Best of Botswana" Safari into Central Kalahari and the Okavango Delta

01-12 May 2020 (2 spots left)

18-29 May 2020

August - September 2020

9-Day "Great Migration + Big 5" Safari in Northern Tanzania incl. Arusha, Lake Natron and the Serengeti

05-13 August 2020

19-27 August 2020

02-10 September 2020

September - October 2020

21-Day "Ultimate Africa Experience", combining a "Best of Botswana" AND a "Great Migration + Big 5" trip into one extended itinerary

09-30 July 2020 - Part I Botswana > Part II Tanzania

17 September - 07 October 2020 - Part I Tanzania > Part II Botswana

Wet Tropics Full-Day Tours - Now Running in March 2020

Wet Tropics Photo Tours are back on the cards!!
If you'd love to know more about photography, learn your way around your camera or phone, or would just love to get out for the day with a bunch of fellow nature-lovers, come join the Ross Bros. on our photo tour Cockatours - Shane Ross Photography Joint Venture.
With wet season now upon us, all of FNQ is bursting with colour, new life, flowing streams and dramatic skies - it's a photographer's dream right now, though this window won't stay open long. There's even chance to potentially catch the Barron Falls in big flow, which means slow-shutter motion shots...
We're stoked to be offering these again as we both love sharing and empowering people with fresh knowledge, we really love seeing everyone's bright faces when they capture great images, and it's the best way to reconnect with nature and develop a practice to help you immerse yourself in it more often too.
Dates for these full-day tours are Sundays 1st and 22nd of March, with possibility of more in April if there is enough demand.
Reach out to either of us via Facebook, Instagram, or email shane@raw-worldwide.com or rossy@cockatours.com.
Or to book right away, click here:

2020 Wildlife Calendar "An Expedition into Africa" is Out Now

My 2020 Wildlife Photography Calendar is out now, jam packed with animals from this year's safaris and accompanied by cool facts and an animal noises activity for your little ones! To buy now, go to my 2020 Calendar page.

Exhibition Prints - Now Available

From early November 2019 until early February 2020, I will have 11 of my African wildlife images on display in Caffiend on Grafton Street, Cairns. If you would like to purchase one, head to my Caffiend Gallery page.

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Who Are We?

WE are an environmentally and culturally-conscious company steeped in adventure travel, bush survival and nature interpretation.


We're a small force at the moment... but, we're not planning on expanding at a rapid rate, either. We firmly believe that what we offer has to stay genuine and unique, and focused on you, our awesome expedition family, rather than expanding purely because of money or demand.


We've built solid networks and are collaborating with talented folks around the world - outdoor equipment retailers to environmental managers, nature guides, indigenous groups, world travellers, schools, young entrepreneurs, fellow-philanthropists, dreamers, believers, and everyone in-between. We're fostering a family around us, and want you to be part of it. Brace yourselves for an adventure, and come along for the ride ...

What Do We Do?

After over a decade of international travel - experiencing the world's diverse cultures, environments and magnificent wildlife - we've decided to share our secret spots, now offering epic expeditions and tailored tours to spectacular locations around the world!


From the beauty of Australia's Cape York Peninsula to the chaos of Africa's Great Migration, we've developed a range of truly special, life-changing experiences suited to every type of person.


And, what we're truly passionate about is showing you how you can build more awesome into your lifestyle - and keep it there! By taking you to amazing places and showing you a diversity of outdoor activities you can do in each, we're convinced you'll leave your expedition a new person :)

Why Do We Do It?

The most important aspect driving our business... is our WHY.

The Why for us? We believe that everyone should have an opportunity to spend quality time in the great outdoors - and we're all about figuring out how to do that best, for every situation.


Our expeditions are conceived for delivery in a low-impact manner, ensuring minimal negative disruption of traditional cultures and the natural environment. We're well aware of the impact tourism visitation can have on people and environment, so our "worldwide expeditions" model ensures limited long-term return impacts. It also means variety, which keeps things fresh!


The best part - our world experiences and diverse skill sets allow us to deliver tailored packages to any group, anywhere around the world. If you're in a corporate environment and want team-building experiences, we'll help bring you together in an amazing setting. School camps or development opportunities - right down our alley! And if you want to build your own expedition but just haven't had the time to do it - we'll do it for you. We just want you to spend quality time outdoors, in the most beneficial way.

Where Do We Expedition?

See that map to your right? Yep, that's our starting point.

It might be ambitious for a new business to list 4 of 7 continents as our "backyard", but we want to set that tone from the beginning. We've done the time abroad, so everything we bring to you is on the merit of our previous experiences.


Within the first year, we'll be offering unique expeditions to:

  • Australia - Cape York, NT/WA, and the Blue Mountains;
  • New Zealand - South Island's mountains-meet-sea;
  • Africa - Tanzania's Great Migration PLUS Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Kenya and more;
  • North America - Cross-country treks in USA and Canada;
  • South America - Awesome hikes in Chile and Argentina.

When Do We Expedition?

The most important thing about offering year-round expeditions is understanding the best times to run certain activities in an area.


When it comes to planning trips out a year in advance, it's an immense task. But, we're super stoked with our coming tours, and the variety we've packed in to make each expedition unique!


Some examples of our time-crucial expeditions:

  • Great Migration river crossings only occur in Aug-Sep;
  • Australia's Cape York is only accessible by road Apr-Nov;
  • Patagonia trails show brilliant Autumn colours Mar-Apr;
  • Winter snow-shoeing (~Feb) vs. Summer hikes in US (~Jun);
  • Open vs. closed seasons for fishing, land access, weather.

To see what expeditions we've got planned for 2019-20, head to our "World Expeditions" page - OR head to our "Expedition Calendar" page to see what we've got planned, in calendar format.

How Do We Do It?

We've travelled far and wide, for work and for play.

We've met amazing people, and established a fantastic global network of outdoors-loving aficionados.

We've climbed to some of the world's highest peaks, and peered into her depths from the lip of volcanoes.

We've covered ground by air, land and sea; had good travels and tough times. But we've learnt from it every single time.

And, we've got environmental and tourism degrees behind us, tour guiding qualifications in multiple countries, have learned bush skills from indigenous tribes and guiding specialists all over the world, and done almost every outdoors-based activity you can think of.


Now though, we're stoked to be  bringing it all together into something we're truly passionate about... helping others explore the great outdoors, gain life perspective, and change your lifestyle for the better!