Africa · 28 May 2020
Continuing on our Antelopes of Africa theme, this - and the next few posts - are about one of the most elegant of the antelopes, the humble Oryx. An animal that is essentially a unicorn… except their horns grew a different direction. Oryx, otherwise known as their Afrikaans name “Gemsbok” – which are sexually monomorphic, meaning both males and females possess horns – are absolute survivors when it comes to side-stepping predation and tolerating the harshest of environments.

Africa · 14 May 2020
Following on from yesterday's "The Antelopes of Africa and the Critters that Eat Them" on roan antelope is today's feature on another spectacular species from the same subfamily, the stallion-like Sable Antelope.

Africa · 13 May 2020
Today's first official "African Antelopes and the Critters that Eat Them" species feature is dedicated to the Roan Antelope - one of the stranger-looking but especially pretty members of the group. Special on-Safari with RAW Worldwide deep dive into the ecology of Africa's incredible antelope diversity (and their predators).

Africa · 12 May 2020
In May-June 2020, our nature photography photo theme is: "The Antelopes of Africa, and the Critters that Eat Them". This theme is all about recognising the incredible diversity of antelopes found in Africa (72 of 91 species worldwide), how and why they've evolved, and what predators have evolved in unison to eat them, maintaining the wonderful Circle of Life. I'll start off this theme with a little insight into the world of antelopes, 29 of which are visible on RAW Worldwide Safaris.

Africa · 26 February 2019
This is the story about what I think of as my favourite photo, and the epic story behind how I came by it... check it out!

World Travels · 06 December 2018
We're jumping the gun this year and have already designed and printed our 2019 Calendars for your easy access :) showcasing the best-of-the-best images from our African Expeditions in 2018, this calendar is a fresh, colourful expression of the wonderful and wild things out there... grab yours today for a slim $45 incl. postage!

VIDEOS · 20 September 2018
HUGE Great Migration Crossing of the Mara River in August 2018, Serengeti National Park (Time-lapse Video)
Trip Reports · 13 September 2018
From 7-16th August 2018, I hosted 3 eager nature-loving, adventure-seeking youngsters on a 10-day safari into world-famous Serengeti National Park... by the end of the trip, minds were blown, and expectations far exceeded - much to my absolute joy and relief as well :) read the Trip Report #1 for more stories about the experience, and be sure to follow me on Facebook "Shane Ross Photography" and Instagram "@shanerossphoto" for ongoing tales, photos and videos from this most epic adventure!!

VIDEOS · 24 July 2018
Video recorded from my tent while camping in Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana, February 2016, of a lion roaring approx. every half hour and gradually getting closer to my camp. Spooky. He maaayy have come TO my tent, and laid outside it for 10 minutes...
VIDEOS · 24 July 2018
When passing through a Roadhouse in southern Namibia, we met the family owners - and this cute baby Chacma baboon they were hand raising for eventual release back into his troop that live nearby. They were raising him because his mother was sadly killed by a passing car on the roads nearby. But he would've been released by now, and no, he's not in an area to pose any risk to people. The troop live in remote Fish River Canyon, and these baboons are wild, free, and don't conflict with people.

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