Africa · 28 May 2020
Continuing on our Antelopes of Africa theme, this - and the next few posts - are about one of the most elegant of the antelopes, the humble Oryx. An animal that is essentially a unicorn… except their horns grew a different direction. Oryx, otherwise known as their Afrikaans name “Gemsbok” – which are sexually monomorphic, meaning both males and females possess horns – are absolute survivors when it comes to side-stepping predation and tolerating the harshest of environments.

Africa · 14 May 2020
Following on from yesterday's "The Antelopes of Africa and the Critters that Eat Them" on roan antelope is today's feature on another spectacular species from the same subfamily, the stallion-like Sable Antelope.

Africa · 13 May 2020
Today's first official "African Antelopes and the Critters that Eat Them" species feature is dedicated to the Roan Antelope - one of the stranger-looking but especially pretty members of the group. Special on-Safari with RAW Worldwide deep dive into the ecology of Africa's incredible antelope diversity (and their predators).

Africa · 12 May 2020
In May-June 2020, our nature photography photo theme is: "The Antelopes of Africa, and the Critters that Eat Them". This theme is all about recognising the incredible diversity of antelopes found in Africa (72 of 91 species worldwide), how and why they've evolved, and what predators have evolved in unison to eat them, maintaining the wonderful Circle of Life. I'll start off this theme with a little insight into the world of antelopes, 29 of which are visible on RAW Worldwide Safaris.

Africa · 26 February 2019
This is the story about what I think of as my favourite photo, and the epic story behind how I came by it... check it out!

Africa · 07 June 2018
In October 2017, I was on the home straight after 5 months of self-drive Safari across Africa. Crossing through Botswana to see a final few Parks before returning home to Australia, I had my most intense photographic day yet - in the unassuming but sometimes chaotic Nxai Pans National Park. From hearing the cheetah kill nearby to following the dove’s plummeting arc, the kamikaze goshawk and the 50 elephant bulls that came by that waterhole, it was an experience of a lifetime.

Africa · 05 May 2018
When I first saw this little fellow in Zambia in October 2017, my heart melted a little. But he was a fighter, and my concern quickly changed to pride when I saw what he was capable of...

Africa · 05 May 2018
After spending 2 of the last 3 years travelling across the wilder areas of Africa (the remaining time spent doing the same in Australia & North America), I've developed a handful of awesome expedition-style trips to showcase the real magic of Africa...

Africa · 05 May 2018
Is the Great Migration on your bucket list? Check this video out, for more about Shane Ross Photography and our world expeditions...

Africa · 03 May 2018
"It was like a Nat Geo documentary was unfolding right before our eyes... except, there was no TV between us and the action." This story recounts moments from our Great Migration experience in Africa last year, and the range of safaris we now offer around the world.