Custom-Build Your Own Expedition

What Options Do We Have?

We understand that not everyone loves fully-prepared tours where itineraries are set, accommodation is over-the-top and you feel like you're being babysat 24/7. In addition to our World Expeditions being flexible, we take that one step further - we're offering you the ability to completely construct your own itinerary, where you list your wants/needs and we'll sort the rest!


Your options include:

  • Adapting existing expeditions
  • Corporate events and training
  • School development opportunities
  • Activity, destination or species-specific expeditions
  • Family (or group) trips
  • Specialised training.

Adapted Expeditions

 As we've developed different trips and their itineraries, we've tried to make them as well-rounded as possible. However, if an itinerary doesn't suit you - we change it! That easy. Whether it's trip duration, start/end dates, location/s, activities, species or environments, or whatever else you don't like about a trip, or want incorporated into one, we'd love to do that with you. After all, it's your happiness and satisfaction at the end of the day that's most important to us.


Some examples of how you might modify an existing expedition:


The Great Migration

While dates for the migration aren't flexible, we can change them around slightly. Or, if like one group going in 2019, you want to add other countries to the trip, as long as timing doesn't clash with other existing trips we should be able to do it!

Potential location adds could be elsewhere in Tanzania, including Mt Kilimanjaro, Tarangire, Selous or Ruaha; Kenya, to see the great migration in the Mara Triangle; Uganda, Rwanda or the Congo to see gorillas; Botswana for the Okavango Delta, Central Kalahari or dunes of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park; Namibia, to visit Etosha, the Skeleton Coast or Sossusvlei's towering orange sand dunes; Zambia, for South Luangwa, Lower Zambezi, Kafue, Liuwa or others; Zimbabwe, primarily for the enchanted Mana Pools, or Hwange; and/or South Africa, for Kruger, the Garden Route or KwaZulu Natal.


Other African Expeditions

Essentially, we could explore any of the 54 countries within Africa. If you're after wildlife though, generally those in East and Southern African countries are exceptional. Our favourites are Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania. Just ask about these, we'd love to share all we know.


Australian Tours

Currently we're looking at delivering 4 different types of expeditions in Australia within the next year, including the South-to-Cape York trip; the Northern Rivers Canoe Trek; our Coast-to-Coast Peninsula hike; and our East Coast Cape "Survivor"-style bush experience. The South-to-Cape trip is already varied throughout the year, though all could be modified to include remote Northern Territory and Western Australia, western Queensland, or anywhere else in Australia for that matter. We've covered a lot of it.


New Zealand

On our NZ trips we're travelling the South Island, though the North could easily be incorporated. Our activities are based around fly fishing, trekking ("tramping" in NZ) and similar, though could include (seasonal) activities like snowboarding/skiing, jetboats, bungee jumping - you name it.


North America

Expeditions in North America will focus primarily on USA's western States, though we're also hoping to include remote northern areas of Canada - especially for the fishing and wildlife. Yellowstone National Park is central to our US trips, covering Montana, Wyoming and Idaho - though could include other states, or Canada. Our options are seasonal here - in Winter, snow-shoe trekking over mountain sections between rivers and plains is our aim; in Summer, instead we'll be hiking, and targeting trout by fly in Yellowstone's Rivers.


South America

At the moment we're only delivering tours to Patagonia, in either Chile or Argentina. While they will include treks such as the Torres del Paine, El Chalten, the Huemul Circuit and El Calafate (Los Glaciares NP), we can explore other options at your request eg. Amazon River water expeditions, even Central American tours.




Corporate Events

If we're being honest, corporate employees are our target market. We've been in corporate roles before, we understand the pressures, the power plays, and what it's like to be stuck in-office while the sun is shining. So, in addition to our expeditions, we're hoping our Corporate packages appeal even more.


While the idea of custom tours is that you do the driving, we're happy to help you build any event, initiative or training program from start to finish. Here's a few ideas of events we could host for you:

  • Team-building opportunities - We travel to a spectacular setting, where we stay for several days. No mobile phones, no untimely disruptions, no work! Just the opportunity to bond with your team. To further enhance this we can a) facilitate relationship building sessions, b) run several fun group activities, from general sports to physical endurance races, orienteering events, basic bush skills and survival to a full-blown "Survivor" style course, event or "
  • Tailored training - With our diverse skill sets, qualifications and life experience, we're in a great position to offer various styles and types of training.
  • Retreats - Got an idea for a retreat with a nature-based flavour? Let us know about it, we love putting these together!




School Development Opportunities

We've worked with school groups in various capacities in the past, including through school camps, orienteering and other community events, mentorship programs, tutoring, and presentations to various age groups. In this capacity as expedition leaders, photographers and generally influential in the community, we're really interested in providing unique learning experiences for kids.


These could include:

  • School camps - whether delivered locally, interstate or internationally, we can do it.
  • Orienteering and similar outdoors-based events.
  • Training programs and/or personal development/awareness.
  • Weekend field-trips or purpose-built excursions.
  • Coordination of a huge range of fun group activities.
  • Lead Outward Bound/Summer Camp-style programs.




Specialised Training & Tailored Safaris

Delivery of specialised training:

  • Nature (and other forms of) photography, videography;
  • Image processing, video production;
  • Bush skills,survival techniques, remote area operations and rescue;
  • Gear selection, brand ambassadoring and social media marketing;
  • Nature guiding techniques and interpretation;
  • Animal tracking and trailing;
  • Reading animal behaviour;
  • Travel tricks and logistics coordination;
  • Entrepreneurial traits and necessary skill sets;
  • Networking and effective communication;
  • Orienteering, outdoor activities.




Activity, Destination or Species-Specific Expeditions

If you've got your own plans for what you want to see or do on expedition, and when and where, we can organise the logistics and still guide you on your expedition - anywhere in the world, at any time.


Species-specific - Eg. African hunting dogs, Siberian tigers, Pantanal leopards OR specific natural events eg. Caribou migrations, salmon spawning.

Destination or country/continent-specific -  Eg. "Okavango Delta, in Botswana, in Africa". Also option to include longer-term overland treks.

Activity-specific: Wildlife photographic safari, survival and bush skills, fishing, camping, trekking, kayaking, snow-shoeing.

Group size - From one-on-one or small group private safaris to corporate team-building events.

Purpose - Escape work, educational/training, bonding opportunity (family, friends, staff/peers).




Other Custom-Build Ideas


Guest Appearances - In the event we can arrange a guest guide to join us (at no extra cost to you), we can ask them to also train/guide us in their specific skill sets eg. If we have a world-class tracker as our Guest Guide, their skills and knowledge would be invaluable! We could also consider employing a Guest Guide in the event we don't have the necessary skills for a certain task.



Family (or group) trips - family bonding time.



Specialised events/functions.



Annual Guide's gathering.

Build Your Own Expedition!

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