Expedition Africa 2018 - Are You Ready!?

Since the last time I wrote you, a LOT has changed...

I've JUST Announced My First Tours to Africa for 2018!


After spending 2 of the last 3 years travelling across the wilder areas of Africa (the remaining time spent doing the same in Australia & North America), I've developed a handful of awesome expedition-style trips to showcase the real magic of Africa...


The first of those will be to Serengeti National Park, in Tanzania (East Africa), on 7-16 & 21-30 August. Each trip will go for 10 days (9 nights) catering for a maximum of 5 guests per trip... Will YOU be one of the lucky ones?


If you wanted to come on Safari to Africa, why would you choose me?
Because I've been everywhere, man. Jokes! But I have travelled to 11 countries over East & Southern Africa - where the majority of animals in Africa are - and covered each country extensively, zig-zagging like a madman to canvas every park possible before each of my visas ran out...


In more relatable terms - I covered 78,000km by road alone (in Little Red); my average days went from 4am to 11pm; & I've now amassed a +100,000-strong photo & video portfolio, which I regularly share on my Facebook Page "Shane Ross Photography".

In addition to gaining qualifications in African guiding & animal tracking, over those 2 years I also observed other guides / companies conduct their tours - learning from the best & avoiding the worst, to come up with something that will fit any personality - personalised tours for a maximum of 5 people, operating from one well-equipped 4WD, where I can discuss with you any questions or comments you think of - from species identification to tracking & reading behaviour, photography tutorials to 4X4 driving techniques.


What will I see if I come to the Great Migration Expedition?
We cram our days with as much time in the field as possible, ensuring maximum opportunity to find the animals YOU want to see - though I also make sure you have time to relax during the heat of the day. We're there to find what you, & the group, want to see - it is your trip after all. If you want to see wildebeest migrations, we target migrations. If you want to see everything else the Serengeti is known for - the big cats, hyenas, elephants, rhino, vultures, other pretty African birds - we do that too. The species in this area is super-diverse so (almost) whatever you'd like to see, we can go looking for...


Is it safe to travel to/around Africa? Will animals come into camp? Can I go to the toilet at night?
These are my favourite questions!!! Why? Because I love debunking myths about how dangerous Africa is (it's quite the opposite) & helping people step out of their comfort zones into an area rich with gorgeous birdsong from stunning sunrise to sunset, incredible wildlife spectacles & scenes closer to the Jurassic Park era than what we'd expect of modern-day Earth:

  1. From the moment you arrive in Arusha I will be guiding you - to our initial accommodation, on to Lake Natron & Serengeti, then back again. I'll always be around & showing you how to get the most out of your time in Africa, & making sure you're comfortable doing so.
  2. In the lead-up to this trip, I'll prepare you for what you'll be seeing in Africa, & how to react in every situation you might encounter. We might get animals in camp at night, but, again, from the minute you arrive I'll teach you what to look/listen/smell for, & how to live effortlessly in camp for the length of your stay. If I did it on my own for 2 years, I promise you that you can do it!
  3. Same deal with toilets. We'll have separate male/female toilets, & I'll show you in daylight on the first day how to use them safely when it's dark. It's a piece of cake, really.


What's included, what isn't & what do I need to do next if I want to join?
I've included a "what do I need to know" info sheet below; hopefully this answers most of those questions... if not, just ask! (shaneross21@gmail.com)


Are you convinced yet??


What could be more amazing, refreshing, relaxing than, after spending a day exploring the spectacular Serengeti & watching 1000's of wildebeest, zebra & other antelope cross the winding Mara River - home to huuuuge crocodile, pods of hippos & various waterbirds - driving back to camp past leopards, lion, buffalo, elephants & rhino (the Big 5), cheetahs, hyena & vultures on the plains, whilst the sun sets amid a smoke-and-dust orange-and-red pastel sunset, drink in hand, heading back to camp for a sundowner, hearty meal, chat around the fire & well-earned sleep in your own comfortable bed... I can't think of anything!!!

Other News for Shane Ross Photography...


In the last 2 months, I've been lucky to:

  • Attend several Young Entrepreneur Project (YEP) events, amongst loads of other awesome community functions as hosted by radio stations, professional speakers & health industry leaders - all of which are helping build a great peer network around me, & guide me towards developing unique, life-changing world expedition packages; build confidence in my eventually presenting at public speaking forums; &, most importantly, being proud of my current work & aspirations.
  • I've sold several beautiful canvas prints into happy homes - I'm particularly loving the floating frame style canvases, where a solid wooden frame runs around the outside of the canvas, & which I think I will advertise exclusively in the near future (to replace standard canvas prints).
  • With the help of peers we've developed a bunch of other super-awesome photo products including calendars, mousepads, jigsaw puzzles, greeting/postcards - & are now also looking at phone cases, drink coasters & printed team shirts! If you've got any ideas here I'd LOVE to know! (geckoed21@hotmail.com)
  • I'm so grateful for this one - thanks to the most amazing offer by a local Cairns art gallery, several of my photographs will be displayed in large print on the walls of this gallery (to be named soon), who are also hosting an Opening Night to announce showing of my work - so stoked!! TBA time & location of this event soon! :D
  • And, in addition to our Expedition: Great Migration 2018 tours, I will also be advertising the following in the very near future:
    • Australia - Expedition: Cape York (2018), Blue-Mtns-to-Bamaga (2019)
    • North America - Expedition: Yellowstone (2019) Montana/Wyoming
    • Africa - Expedition: Wild Botswana (2019)
    • Future destinations: South & Central America, north-west Asia...

Anyway, that's all for now folks!


If you haven't already done so, please go jump on Facebook & Like my page "Shane Ross Photography"... if you like any photos I'd be happy to discuss printing with you, or if you'd like to join me on tour, either DM me on Facey, email me: shaneross21@gmail.com or phone: 0475 564 636. Awesome!


Later gators, Shane 'Danger' Ross.