"It was like a Nat Geo documentary was unfolding right before our eyes... except, there was no TV between us and the action."

Every time I bring up stories of the Great Migration with anyone who's ever been  - including the three great mates I guided into the very midst of the absolute chaos one might witness on the banks of the Mighty Mara in August and September each year  - every one of us is plunged into a spell of breathlessness... our eyes roll into the backs of our heads, goosebumps cover us in waves, chills run down our spines. It's like we're all sharing a moment of silence for a fallen comrade...



Although, this moment is for several hundred fallen comrades, from a migration of up to 2 MILLION animals... most of which come in the form of the plains antelope we call "Gnu". The seemingly mad, charge-across-a-croc-infested-river-on-a-whim Blue Wildebeest, Connochaetes taurinus.



"Every one of us is plunged into a spell of breathlessness... goosebumps cover us in waves, and chills run down our spines."



And every single time, we're reliving the magic of the Migration like it was yesterday... an event most of us would know by reputation, but very few of us take the opportunity to witness in person.



In 2017, our journey towards Tanzania from the deserts of Namibia, through the wetlands of Botswana's Okavango Delta and across the great Zambezi River dividing Zimbabwe and Zambia, was marred with stories of how there "was no migration this year" and "you're too late" and "you're going the wrong way"... despite the odds of such a long journey, and tall tales told by most folk we met, we prevailed -- and, in late August, we witnessed five EPIC crossings in the space of two days, and the most magnificent scenes any of our humble group has ever seen. I'm even getting goosebumps now as I write this... One of those crossings numbered over 10,000 animals in one hit, and took close to 20 minutes from start to finish. Not to mention the sight of hundreds of thousands of animals spread, shoulder-to-shoulder and disappearing into the horizon, across the plains as we drove out of the riverbed towards Kenya. Like, crazy wow.



Awesome news though. This year, I've decided to do the trip again. With one exception.



I've acquired a Tanzania-based vehicle  - a 6-seater open-top Landcruiser Troop Carrier 4X4  - and am offering 5 people the chance to witness this event, in person, with me as your personal guide. I've already filled half of all 4 trips in August and September, so if you want to get in for 2018  - now is the time!!!


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