Media Release: Humans of Cairns, by the Young Entrepreneur's Project

For over 12 months now I've been receiving mentoring, and working with, the brilliant crew at Cairns' Young Entrepreneur's Project, otherwise known as Y(E)P.


I can't possibly tell you how inspiring and driven my journey has become in that time... But I can tell you I've met some of the most amazing people in my life to date, I finally feel part of a family rather than alone in my business, and I'm making ground much faster than I might've been without the help and friendships of the Y(E)P crew and the awesome community they've built  around them.


To Tara, Cherie, Brody and Kate - thank-you, in so many ways, for your time and genuine care. Love you guys!


For the inside story on my journey that led me to Y(E)P, check out this article from their Humans of Cairns - Entrepreneur's Edition project. Thanks also for this one, team! http://humansofcairns.com.au/entrepreneurs/shane-ross/