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All Rights Reserved © Shane Ross 2018 | Shane Ross Photography (ABN 92864915571).
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All photographs shared over this website are subject to Copyright, Trademark and other Intellectual Property Rights protection under Australian and International Law. The reproduction, downloading or any other use of images outside of personal use, without the written permission of the Owner, Shane Ross, via Shane Ross Photography, is strictly prohibited.

Your purchase of any images, whether in digital form or hard copy, is restricted to use in your home only and for ornamental purposes only. You have not purchased the Rights to any image. Those will reside exclusively with the Owner, for a period up to 70 years after their death.

You are permitted to reprint copies of any purchased digital image, for use in your home only. You are also permitted to use images on personal devices eg. as screensavers, or similar. You are not, however, permitted to share images further eg. with friends or family. If they wish to use the same image/s, they should purchase their own copy direct from the Photographer; or be granted express permission to reproduce your image, from the Photographer themselves.

Reproduction on public mediums in digital form is NOT permitted, as the photograph/s cannot be protected by the Photographer (Owner) in this case.
Social Media
If you wish to share any images over Social Media (or any other means), you are required to gain written permission from the Owner prior to doing so. Thereafter, you are also required to recognise the Owner via tagging, photographer recognition or other pre-approved means, ensuring any further sharing by those in your network also recognise the Owner of the image/s.



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