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2020 Wildlife Photography Calendar - "An Expedition into Africa" Available Now

My 2020 Wildlife Photography Calendar is out now, jam packed with animals from this year's safaris and accompanied by cool facts and an animal noises activity for your little ones! To buy now, go to my 2020 Calendar page.

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Shane Ross Photography Images (by STYLE)

All Shane Ross Photography images are printed on premium canvas, in a floating framed style setting. See Product Information (below) for more information.


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Package Deals

In addition to purchasing individual images (above), we've also compiled a handful of awesome packages you might prefer. To order these packages, head to our Package Deals page.


1. The "Essential Africa" Package - 5 x 50x75cm floating frame premium canvases featuring: 1. Elephant + 2. Lion + 3. Black Rhino + 4. Wildebeest Migration + 5. Meerkats.


2. The "BIG Five" Package (profile shots) - 5 x 50x75cm floating frame premium canvases featuring: 1. Elephant + 2) Lion + 3) Black Rhino + 4) Leopard + 5) Cape Buffalo.


3. The "Black & White" Package - Monochrome (B&W) images with black floating frame border.


4. The "Hallway Whiplash" Package - Action shots for a creative hallway passage.


5. The "Office Icebreaker" Package - Curious animals for ice-breaking situations around the office.


6. The "Inspirational Outdoors" Package - Awesome nature (animals or dramatic landscapes) incl. inspirational quotes.


7. The "Continental" Package - 1 x amazing nature image from each continent.

Special Edition Imagery

Artist Collaboration Pieces

Creativity can be expressed in many ways - though painting, sketching, music, the visual arts - though often photography misses the label of "Art". We're passionate about everyone expressing their creativity, so have devised a cunning plan to do so though various forms of art - photography included!


We're constantly collaborating with Artists we meet on our travels, and will be working with the following groups to create cool products:


Painting/Sketching - Artists have recreated some of our images through painting and/or sketching, and which we're selling as dual pieces.


Video Productions - Just like our Great Migration video, we'll be collaborating with producers, editors and similar to produce stunning film clips (we're aiming to have an entry to the Banff Film Festival by 2020!).


Music Productions - To compliment our film clips, we're collaborating with solo artists and bands to produce unique, video-matching sweet tunes.


Written Pieces - Creative re-telling of stories via magazine article, in book form or poetry.

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Premium Canvas Prints

All images sold by Shane Ross Photography will be printed in "Floating Frame Premium Canvas" style, carefully bubble-wrapped and boxed up, and sent directly to your door!


* International shipping can be arranged.

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Heavy-duty cardboard box;

Labelled "Fragile" for delivery";

Courier-delivered to your door.




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