2020 Wildlife Calendar - "An Expedition into Africa"

The secret is out! No more teaser posts if you've found this page.

To see each of the stars of the coming year's 28 x 35cm Glossy 2020 African Animals Calendar - using only photos taken whilst on Safari in Tanzania and Botswana for the 2019 Shane Ross Photography guiding season - see the below gallery for full detail.

2020 Wildlife Photography Calendar - "An Expedition into Africa"

I've changed a few things up to improve on last year's version:
1. No more photo borders - it looks sharper without them.
2. Text boxes improved and background/text colour suited to the image.
3. More cool facts in the bios incl. group and individual names, and a "what sound does this animal make" prompt for the kids.
4. All extra date notes removed (those I put in last year) - I'll make more informative posts on this website and my social media pages rather than take up space where you need to write your own notes.

To everyone who likes, purchases or shares one of my calendars - thank-you so very much! This isn't a big money-maker for me, it's more a chance to share my images year-round with you in your homes - and the best part, to provide some education and fun for your little ones as they grow up with the animals, sights and sounds of Africa.

All species chosen this year make a particular sound/call that kids of various ages can mimic, and some with particular movements too (with the lizard exception, which is more about the movement...). Get them to try the sounds out, and if they're unclear just Google them and follow suit!


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2020 Wildlife Photography Calendar: "An Expedition into Africa"

High-quality Premium 28 x 35cm glossy gallery-style African wildlife calendar complete with individual animal descriptions and a "what sound does this animal make" feature for your little ones to play along with. Ripper!


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