Caffiend Exhibition Gallery - Nov 2019 to Feb 2020

Caffiend Gallery Limited Edition Prints Still For Sale

One perk of having spent five years driving across Africa, and a lifetime of wilderness adventuring across Australia and the world before that, is that you learn all the accompanying skills and activities that best accompany any outdoor expedition.


Our Director purchased his first camera in 1995 at 11 years of age, and has been an enthusiastic nature photographer since.


He extended his knowledge and skill set in 2015 after purchasing an Olympus Pro-model E-M1 mirrorless camera... and built a portfolio of nature images now numbering over 100,000 photographs (and over 300 hours of wildlife footage).


Having been offered the opportunity to display his work at Caffiend on Grafton Street, Cairns, between early November 2019 and mid February 2020, he printed 11 bright nature photographs on premium floating frame canvases and displayed those for four months. Several sold, but each is still available as a limited edition print. If you would like to purchase one of these, head to the Caffiend Gallery page.


From our Director:

"Along with each image I've written a short story. The main section is a tale about each animal's behaviours, a little African life perspective, or some insight into the moment I took the photo. I've also included a name section, listing the common, scientific and various African language names for each species; and an IUCN-based conservation status, so you know how the species is faring.


I'm making a point to share these on my social media platforms too... If you'd like to see the image-and-story combo in digital form, you can find them on my Facebook page.


Thanks so much to everyone who stopped in to see my images, took photos or selfies and posted on social media, who supported and continue to support Caffiend and local artists, and to everyone who has supported me all along. You're all amazing."

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