Our Products & Services

What We Do

While it might seem that World Expeditions are our thing, truth is we do a lot more than just that! Our Products and Services include (but are not limited to):


World Expeditions - Flexible-itinerary trips covering 4 of 7 continents.


Custom-made Tours - Corporate events, school development trips, adapted expeditions.


Nature Photography - Portfolio, including Cart, for purchase of various photo products.


Specialised Training - Photography + processing; bush skills; activity-specific programs.


Creative Writing - Writing of magazine articles, editorials, reviews and books.


Public Speaking - Inspirational/influential speaking, addressing various topics.


Conservation & Community Initiatives - Incl. volunteer opportunities, fundraising, events.


Collaborations - Artist collaborations, travel network, philanthropy and CSR projects.


Brand Repping - Testing and reviews, feedback direct to designers/producers.


World Expeditions & Tailored Tours

Want to know more about our expeditions, and how you can get involved? Go to "World Expeditions" for upcoming trip dates/locations. And read below.


In summary, we're building our Expeditions to capture the following:

  • Travelling to spectacular remote locations, to immerse ourselves in nature, local cultures, social scenes, explore, be tested, and reset!
  • Witnessing magnificent natural events, like Africa's Great Migration, salmon spawning runs, caribou and other species migrations.
  • Getting up close and personal with wildlife, in their natural habitats, ensuring positive contributions to nature conservation.
  • Connecting with traditional owners and cultures, and doing so in a manner that doesn't impact their current/traditional ways of life.
  • Offering variety AND flexibility in every expedition.
  • Ensuring a consistent personalised, small group focus, where everyone has regular access to the guide/s, and any resources they need.
  • Catering to all ages, in every expedition offered, including development of family-focused tours.
  • Ability to compile custom tours, with focus on any/all of the following specifics: 1. Destinations, 2. Experiences, 3. Wildlife, 4. Dates.
  • Minimal impact model, where we embrace values like "take only photos, leave only footprints", and disrupt environment and culture as little as possible.
  • Relationships built with preference for collaboration, rather than competition.
  • Everyone that enters the Shane Ross Photography fold becomes a Family member, where we promote the genuine, small business feel, and promise no rapid expansion of staffing , products or services.
  • Minimalist approach to all aspects of business, "less is more", from the equipment we use to the conservation measures we adopt. Along those lines is our "tents are for sleeping" value, where quality time is rather spent outdoors (yes, it's safe!) than in your tent.
  • Maintain a "quality over quantity" feel, focusing more on quality time in one place rather than racing between iconic hotspots.
  • We're 100% happy to become your own personal Travel Agent as part of the booking process... If you want help with arrangements to get to/from your expedition with us, we'll help. Want to do extra stuff during our expedition - no worries, we'll help. Booking other tours before/after our expedition - too easy, we know people. Whatever you need help with, just ask!
  • Referrals process - If you refer customers to us (and they book an expedition), we'll offer you a referral reward to say thanks!
  • Added extras - For every person who joins us on expedition, we will send you a 50x75cm Premium Floating Canvas of a Shane Ross Photography image of your choice following our trip.

Wildlife Photography

If you head over to our "Wildlife Photography" page, you'll see images categorised into various portfolios that we've collected over the past +4 years. These are predominantly wildlife images, taken by Shane Ross (me) using an Olympus mirrorless camera. In total over 4 years I collected approximately 100,000 shortlisted images, of which I've shared many on my Facebook Page "Shane Ross Photography". I will only share select images on this website, but feel free to share/repost these (ensure you credit: Shane Ross Photography), or forward the link to your friends and/or family.


Due to the higher print quality and superior framing offered by the "Floating Frame Canvas" style (to your right), we've decided to only print in this format in future. We will, however, print on regular premium canvas (unframed) if specifically ordered.


We also offer specialised products including yearly calendars, jigsaw puzzles, mousepads, greeting cards, mugs and fleece blankets.


To order prints, simply open the tab to your desired category/categories from our Wildlife Photography drop-down menu (eg. Monochrome), scroll to the bottom of the page, find your desired image, choose applicable size and hit the "Add to Cart" button. If you wish to keep shopping return to your desired category. NB. Free shipping for all orders over $100 within Australia only. International shipping at additional rates OR we arrange your purchase of digital images (to print yourself).


Additionally, we also offer specialised training in photography, image processing, videography and film production - though anyone joining us on Expedition will receive as much training in that time as possible, as though they're on photographic safari.


* "What gear do you use?"

Main Camera: Currently I use an Olympus OM-D E-M1 MkII and MkI Mirrorless Camera bodies PLUS Olympus Lenses: 300mm f4 IS Pro + 12-100mm f4 IS Pro + 8mm f1.8 Fisheye Pro + 60mm f2.8 Macro + 17mm f1.8 Wide + 75-300mm f4.8-6.7 MkII Zoom. I also use (occasionally) a Sirui Tripod when not hand-holding or resting my camera on a still object nearby. Use Godox flash systems. I hope to add the following to my kit: Olympus E-M1 MkX Body + 7-14mm f2.8 Pro Lens + Flash Systems.

Additional Cameras: GoPro Hero 4 Silver, iPhone 8, Moultrie Trail Camera.

Creative Writing

We've been writing for years, though in order to share our amazing travel tales, promote our business, and reach a wider audience, we're looking for opportunities now! If you know of any magazines, online forums, newspapers, editorials, reviewer and/or publishers looking for material, please point them our way: shane@shanerossphoto.com.


What kinds of magazines/forums we're looking for:

  • Outdoors, camping, 4-wheel-driving, bushcraft.
  • Fishing, spearfishing, hunting (reaching the adventurous type).
  • Travel, trails/hiking/running, overland trekking.
  • Photography, art/design and video-production related.
  • Sports, health and fitness.
  • Lifestyle, travel, adventure.
  • Environment/conservation, community/culture, science.
  • Corporate, marketing and finance.
  • Equipment - camping, specialist, photographic and tech gear.
  • Particular service providers eg. Qantas, Olympus, Apple.

Public Speaking

Another area we're truly passionate about is reaching audiences though public speaking. We've delivered to peer groups, universities, schools (various ages), specific forums and at other conferences and events.


Our interest is in inspirational and influential speaking addressing various topics, including:

  • Tourism - Travelling the world, equipment choice, budget, safety, networking.
  • Environment - Conservation initiatives, how to become involved, the steps you can take at home, how to influence and inspire others.
  • Community - Community programs, how to get involved, cultural protocols and acknowledgement, social structures.
  • Finance - money management, investing in yourself rather than assets, living to your budget.


If you would like us to present at an event (or know somebody who would be), please email us directly shane@shanerossphoto.com to arrange a meeting time, in person or over video chat, and discuss the finer details of your project.

Brand Ambassadorships & Collaborations

Currently, we've established Brand Ambassadorships with the following companies:

  • Goal Zero Australia - Solar panels and battery systems.
  • Sapmok - African style "veldskoen" shoes.
  • PLUS more in agreements currently.

We'd love to support/brand-rep/collaborate with other companies, so if you know of anyone wanting product testing in some of the toughest environments in the world... please share! We'd love collaborations with:

  • Trail shoe/sport/fitness companies.
  • Outdoor equipment retailers and publications.
  • Photographic and tech gear producers.
  • Travel/lifestyle/adventure companies, agents and insurance providers.

Conservation & Community Initiatives


For more information about our Conservation and Community Initiatives including volunteer opportunities, fundraising and events, go to our "Initiatives" page.