"I Can't Wait to See the Great Migration in 2018!" by Melanie Trent

I've followed Shane's travels over the last few years, and dreamt of how amazing it would be to see some of Africa in the way he has. When Shane first dangled the teaser of "Who's in for the Great Migration" my first thought was 'I wish'. But it hung in my thoughts. Africa was high on my bucket list, and getting to do it with a friend as my guide sounded to good an opportunity to miss. So when Shane officially launched his tour, I was in! A pretty rapid decision for me, but one I know I will never regret.


Aside from the fact I've seen Shane's journey, and know this trip will be EPIC, I love the idea of having numerous days at the same base. So many tours pack in bulk locations, but when you break it down you might get less than a day at each site and don't really get a chance to relax, breathe and immerse yourself in the experience.  Shane's tour seems the perfect mix of incredible adventures (and of course the main great migration event, and animal spotting), but also being able to appreciate where you are and just... be.


I'm so incredibly excited for this trip and know it will be life-changing. Thanks for this opportunity Poss! I really cannot wait to be a part the first official Shane Ross Photography Great Migration Tour!


* Melanie Trent is joining us on this year's first Great Migration tour of the season, to Serengeti NP, Tanzania. For more information about our Great Migration expeditions, click this link!