Why Choose Us?

It's All About the Why...


The most important aspect driving our business is our Why.

For us, we believe that everyone should have an opportunity to spend quality time in the great outdoors - and we're all about figuring out how to do that best, for every situation. To do so we offer flexible itinerary expeditions, the ability to customize those or to tailor-make your own, and other options for involvement through our community and conservation initiatives, collaborations and through wildlife photography.


The best way of demonstrating our Why is through our Mission Statement:


"To inspire everyone we reach to step outside of their comfort zones,

into crisp fresh air, and embrace life through personal change, by influencing others,

and by positively contributing to conservation and sustainable living. "



Our Why is also reflected in our short and long-term Goals and Objectives:

  1. Develop and deliver a genuine and unique product(s), revising and improving products regularly.
  2. Ensure we establish exceptional relationships with our customers, building an "expedition-and-photography family" around us.
  3. In development of expeditions and custom-made programs, maintain a small-group, personal focus to ensure our customers receive 24/7 access to their guide and have their needs met wherever possible.
  4. Continue to foster our quality-over-quantity approach, in all aspects of our business delivery.
  5. Regularly build on existing skill-sets and ensure all necessary certifications remain current.
  6. Participate in positive community programs wherever possible.
  7. Contribute to conservation of all native species and ecosystems, ensuring our product and service delivery has no significant negative impacts on the environment.

Why Choose Us?


At Shane Ross Photography, we've built our business on passion, love for our community and the environment, and ongoing dedication to our various causes. As a small company we're able to manage our impacts, and fine-tune products and services to make them the very best they possibly can be. We've also taken our time laying the foundations, and progressively building upon them. By doing so we're building our story, our community standing and reputation amongst peers and public, and our ability to deliver products and services to the highest of standards. We will continue to build it our way, with the involvement of the community throughout - you, our Family, especially.


Our Qualifications:

  • Guiding qualifications in Australia and Africa, plus animal tracking and trailing skills, bush survival and remote area operations.
  • Extensive travel history dating over 20 years (across 5 continents, hundreds of cultures and languages), including the last 3 years of full-time travel, nature guiding and interpretive skills development.
  • Self-taught in nature photography (check our Portfolio), with guidance from expert peers and skills developed through self-funded opportunity and experiences.
  • Other qualifications: Bachelor of Applied Science Degree, with Honours in Environmental Management and Tourism; various environmental and tourism specific qualifications; truck and marine driver's licenses.


Diversity of Products & Services:

  • World expeditions across 4 continents, delivered with flexible itineraries and catering to all needs.
  • Ability to pioneer and coordinate custom tours, from school development camps to corporate events and specialised training safaris.
  • Our nature photography portfolio illustrates our photographic abilities, but more importantly demonstrates our ability to train others.
  • Involvement in conservation and community initiatives is based on relationships formed for positive change, not on monetary influence.


Development of Niche Products

Using our unique life experiences, skills and interests; our ability to always provide flexibility in our itineraries; to coordinate any logistical detail of trips; our diversely talented, widely-spread network; and our love for challenging ourselves and others - we're providing products and services that others simply aren't able to provide, and doing so in style. We love a good challenge, and know that will yield awesome results.


While we've spent a lot of time saying "we" in everything through this website, we're actually only "I" at the moment. Hah! But all those things we've said we do, I've done. Am capable of doing, and delivering. And, if there's need in future, I'll build a team beside me that compliments this business supremely.


About me... probably the best way to share this is via recent Publications, especially my Entrepreneur's Edition article in "Humans of Cairns". In brief though, I was born in Brisbane, Australia - yep, a big city. But, thanks to my parents' eagerness to explore and provide an outdoorsy environment for their kids to grow up in, we moved to Bamaga, Cape York Peninsula - the northernmost point of Australia, and way remote. But that's where my love for nature comes from, and where my connection with culture and tradition was born, too.


Growing up in Cape York, I spent most days either with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander elders, or beside my fishing guide father as he showed clients the time of their lives. I saw what made them smile, how it was the little things that really made the difference. Personal service and genuine interest in their lives, attention to detail, a friendship built by the end of their time together. I learned, early.


Years later we moved to gorgeous Mission Beach, where I completed my schooling before heading to Townsville to earn my university degree. Fast forward 8 years, past numerous overseas travels, my environmental management career, and working in several roles where I never felt quite satisfied... And, in 2015, I handed in my resignation from a high-paying Environmental Lead role - first travelled Australia, then bought a one-way ticket to Africa - and I've never looked back.


I committed my savings to personal "skills investment", completed practical guiding courses, and then spent the next 2 years self-driving across Africa in a retro Suzuki Samurai named Little Red. I also flew to North America to travel the wild west, and returned to Australia and New Zealand to go on several adventures there. And all of that has led me to this point. After years of laying personal foundations, then travelling to research opportunities and build my photographic portfolio as evidence, I'm ready to launch my own expedition business.


Knowing travel isn't easy or possible for everyone, I put in the hard work, the long lonely days (and also loved doing it) - to bring you a suite of options that save you time, stress and logistical nightmares so that your experience is safe, fulfilling, and still relaxing at the same time!

Testimonials & Reviews

RAW Worldwide are a young company as far as international expeditions go, but we're steeped in world adventure travel experiences, and truly believe in running our Safaris for the right reasons - right by the community, and by nature.


Check out these amazing reviews left by our past clients! Additional reviews can be seen in our Blog, on our Google Page, Trip Advisor, and our Facebook page. If you're a past client or you've met or worked with us before and would like to leave a review, please do!


Melanie Trent

Melanie joins us on our first Great Migration tour in 2018.


Critty Wallace

Critty joined me for a 6-week Namibia-Botswana-Zambia overland expedition in 2017.


Alyce & Damien Richards

Alyce and Damien joined me on an 8-week overland expedition in 2017, from the Okavango Delta to the Serengeti's Great Migration.

Media Releases & Publications

*See Latest News post on the RAW homepage for recent media releases and publications. This week (April 2020), media will be released through the I Heart Africa Project and the Cairns Post newspaper. Other recent/upcoming media include the It's No Secret with Dr T. Podcast, a James Cook University interview, and other short story submissions to independent organisations.


As with Testimonials, you can find out more about us via "Media Releases & Publications" under the Travel Tales tab.


Aside from articles that others have written about us over the years, I've been writing for magazines and other publications since I was 8 years old.


Early on I contributed short stories and photographs to camping and outdoors publications including "Modern Fishing" and "Fish & Boat Magazine".


I later appeared in James Cook University publications as a student ambassador; in various capacities throughout my career; articles on my world travels from 2015-2019; and, more recently, as an entrepreneur in Cairns community publications.